About Us and How ETkiks started

ETkiks LLC  was created for the purpose of benefiting others, any person that is willing to grow economically. Co-founder and CEO of the company 'ETkiks LLC ' Bereket Mekuria, explains how he came up with the idea that is supportive to others who have and don't have whole lot of money. Living in poverty in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and being employed in a Construction company, Bereket Mekuria found it hard to raise enough money that he could eventually start a business with, let alone being able to help others. Then one day while Bereket Mekuria was working, a cashier employee in a different department made an error working with cash, which put the construction company $500 in debt and the cashier in debt to the construction company. The employee didn't have enough money to pay the company, so all the employees that worked around his area each gave him $10 to helped him pay. This was one of the kindest action Bereket has ever seen, and saw how he could benefit others by creating a way of investment. Individuals invest in themselves for a chance to win an investment check for them to in use for, paying bills, Loans, buying a house or even starting a company with. In other words, if it takes 1 year for a person to make $12,000, with our program he/she is giving the opportunity to make their annual income within months and no interest payments but a one time processing fee. Note all investors must stay within their investment plan until the end time limit of investment plan is reached from the date joined. Read more about our investment policy. ETkiks llc is a business started for the purpose to benefit those like the cashier who need to earn or save money. We are here for your growth -ETkiks















Our team on ETkiks, are here to help and support you in any way possible everyday of the week, 24 hours a day. All of our members are well trained professionals, Please don't hesitate to contact any one of our members for any assistance at ETkiks.com@gmail.com, "we are here for your growth." -ETkiks

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